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Adult Children Living at Home

Adult Children Living at HomeThere have been lots of stories about adult children living at home. Some never leave, after graduating from high school or college. They just get a job and continue living with mom and dad. Others leave for a while, find they can’t survive on their own, and return. Still, other adult children leave, get married, have children. Then the marriage doesn’t work and suddenly they are back with mom and dad. There are all kinds of reasons why adult children, their children, and spouses will move back with mom and dad.

Adult Children Living at Home – Grandkids

It are specific case, our 30-year-old children actually our daughter and husband and granddaughter moved back with us for a period of two months. We were certainly okay with this and had agreed to it much prior to them actually moving in. They were trying to sell their condo and had some difficulty in getting a sale. Once it was sold the buyer wanted a quick possession and so we agreed to have them move back with us until they could find their own home.

They both have great jobs, and can easily afford to purchase another home. It was just too quick to be able to find the home they really liked and they did not want to make a snap decision on something that did not quite fit their needs. They were happy to move in with us for two months while they looked for a house. As it worked out they were able to find a home that had been vacated that met all of their conditions and within two months’ time they were moving from our house to the house of their dreams.

A Good News Story

This is a good news story for them and for us. We got to live with our granddaughter and got to know her really well as well as our daughter’s husband. We are still excellent friends and enjoy their company. They still come for dinner every second weekend so I guess we can say that things worked out but that is not the case for many couples.

We will be doing a series of articles on this topic about adult children living at home, moving back in with mom and dad, and finally moving out of the house. Stay tuned for more articles on this topic.

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