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All The To-Do About Moving

All The To-Do About MovingYou have just sold your home and you are about to move into the home you have just purchased. This last step of moving involves a lot of work , a lot of planning and oh yes help from all of your friends and family. Unless of course you are hiring packers and movers. There are many pre-move tips that will simplify your move and reduce the stress associated with your move. Planning and gathering information ahead of time will give you the time to make informed stress free decisions that not only will save you money, but also make the move much more enjoyable.

Your movers or renting a moving vehicle

  • Obtain estimates from several movers ahead of time and compare services and prices
  • Do you want them to pack or will you pack everything ahead of time
  • Do you need to have your expensive items appraised and insured before the move
  • Obtain estimates for renting a truck and consider asking friends and family to help with the move. Make sure you account for mileage charges, surcharges and of course the beer and pizza for your buddies.

Your Utilities If You Own Your Present Home

  • Arrange in advance to have your meters read on the day of the move
  • Have the bills forwarded to your new residence
  • Have your oil tank filled and provide the receipt to your lawyer so they can account of this cost in the adjustment associated with your sale of your home
  • Transfer all rentals such as water heaters to the new owner
  • Arrange for the telephone, cable TV or satellite service to be transferred
  • Arrange for other mail to be forwarded to your new home with the post office
  • Change your address on all banks, accounts etc to your new home

Your Agreements – If you Rent Your Present Home or Apartment

  • Provide the landlord with a written notice in advance
  • Arrange for any rental deposit returns
  • Disconnect the cable and telephone or transferred
  • Arrange for other mail to be forwarded to your new home with the post office
  • Change your address on all banks, accounts etc to your new home


Your Utilities at Your New Home

  • Arrange to have all of your utilities connected on the day that the sale closes
  • This includes gas, electricity, water, telephone, cable TV

General To-Do’s

  • Send out change of address cards well in advance of moving day
  • Arrange for the post office to forward your mail to your new home
  • Cancel all contracted services
  • Stop all pre-authorized checks
  • Arrange for service at your new home for telephone, cable gardening etc
  • Transfer bank accounts if needed
  • Transfer civic, social, athletic and religious memberships
  • Find new dentists, doctors, pharmacy and prescriptions.
  • Arrange to change the address on your driver’s license
  • Transfer address for health cards, credit cards etc
  • Collect any items from cleaning, repair or storage
  • Arrange to move perishables such as plants
  • Arrange for your pets to be moved
  • Dispose of all flammable liquids
  • Arrange to move lawn mowers, snow blowers etc since many movers will not handle these items

Every one will have different things on their list. The important thing is to sit down and plan your move so that there is not a mad dash on the day of the move and nothing is forgotten. Good luck with your move.

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  1. this is a great list about moving that every one should keep in mind. there is a lot of work to move from one house or another both before and after, however if you are organized, it is not as bad as it would other wise be.

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