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How to Apply for an Unsecured $30,000 Consolidation Loan

how to apply for an unsecured $30,000 consolidation loanIf you are wondering how to apply for an unsecured $30,000 consolidation loan, it is actually quite easy. First of all you need to gather all of your personal financial information together, since the loan officer will need this. Next you need to decide which lenders you will apply to. You should apply to at least 3 to compare interest rates and terms. This is one of the best ways to secure a competitive rate in addition to maintaining an excellent credit rating. Apply at the bank you normally deal with as well as at several online companies that provide loans. Stick with well known lenders to avoid any scams that may be offered.

How to apply for an unsecured $30,000 consolidation loan

You will need evidence of all of your current mortgages, loans and credit cards along with the balances on each. You should also have a pay stub with you that shows your gross pay along with any deductions that are automatically taken from your pay. Finally you will need a copy of a recent bank statement that shows your regular withdrawals.

The bank statement is needed for several reasons. It should be the account that the loan payments will be with drawn from and will show the account number, bank number and branch number. It will also show if you have any checks written when there was insufficient funds in your account. They are looking for a good record of managing your finances.

BY applying to several lenders, and also letting them know that you are comparing, you should get a competitive rate. This is by far one of the best ways to get a competitive product.

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