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Attorneys DUIWe recently read an article about a DUI road stop in Palm Springs California. It was set up one weekend to catch people who were drinking and driving. The article was giving the results of the road stop and it was pretty interesting reading and quite surprising as well. Before we give the results of this road stop we want to point out that the police even advertised and let it be known that they were going to set up this road stop. The advertising for the DUI roadblock was in the paper, on the radio, and on TV. It was also probably all over the internet. We still wonder why so many people still get stopped and charged when all they had to do was avoid the area in the first place.

The good news is that only one person is going to need an attorney for his DUI defense. There were 166 cars stopped and several were taken off the road due to various problems, but only one person was charged with a DUI offense. We thought that this was pretty good. It could mean that people knew about the DUI roadblock and just avoided the area. Either way, it is a good result to know that there were so few people actually on the road driving under the influence of alcohol and being intoxicated.

Attorney DUI – Expired License

But the really surprising thing about this DUI roadblock is that 5 people were fined for driving with an expired license. Six people were driving with no license at all. We found that this was quite surprising. These people are going to need lawyers or they can just pay the fine. Can they drive ok? Do they follow the rules of the road? Why did they not have a license? Did they have a license at one time and lost it due to some other driving offense?  They probably also did not have car insurance either. What happens if you’re in an accident with one of these drivers? No insurance on their vehicles and you have no recourse to sue to help with your own expenses!

No Insurance

They did not say anything about car insurance and whether these cars were insured or not. We do not know if it is a traffic offense of any kind in California to drive a car with no insurance. I sure do not want to be hit by one.

So now when you are out in your car, not only do you need to be concerned about people driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but you also need to be careful of people who do not even have their licenses. Can they drive? Do they even know the rules of the road, stop signs, yields, turn signals, etc? Drive defensively when you are on the road to make sure that you anticipate what the other guy is going to do to avoid an accident. Always avoid driving when you have been drinking, even with one drink. For some people, even one drink and put them at or just over the edge when it comes to testing for DUI. Why take the chance of being stopped and charged or having your car taken away?

Palm Springs continues to set up roadside DUI checkpoints. They continue to pull in more people for other traffic offenses than just DUI. We think that this is a good thing. Everyone should stay alert when driving and make sure that they follow the laws. Most people do follow the laws. But there are those few that just cannot seem to get it right for some reason.

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