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Baby Boomers Dislike Working from Home

Baby Boomers Dislike Working from HomeA recent study indicated that 62% of millennials and 35% of generation X’s take advantage of work at home programs. This is based on programs offered by companies around the US. Only 3% of baby boomers on the other hand take advantage of these work at home opportunities. Turns out that there is a big difference in the mind-set of baby boomers as compared to their younger counterparts. Baby Boomers Dislike Working from Home. Admittedly not every job is conducive to working at home. For example while sales people can spend part of the day working from a home office they also need to get out and visit customers. Mechanics and service industry personnel also need to be at their place of work for obvious reasons. Companies that can set workers up with a work station and depend on information workers to get the job done are far more adept at setting up work at home situations.

Baby Boomers Dislike Working from Home

But even when the opportunity exists, many baby boomers dislike working from home and would rather go into the office. There are a variety of reasons for this attitude and they also vary with the individual.

Social Interaction is important for many, because they live to work rather than work to live which defines the major difference between the various groups.

Seniority and position in the company also defines whether you can work at home or must go to the office. Baby boomers tend to be older and in more senior positions.

Career aspiration is another element that can distinguish a person. Those that want to be promoted tend to go into the office where they can be seen and heard. Working from home provides far less opportunity in this regard.

Work tends to define the older baby boomer and they identify with the job and their success. They are working to be successful rather than working to earn a living that they can enjoy other elements in life.

Let us know if you agree with these concepts or if there are other elements that factor into whether people in various groups prefer to work at home.

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