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Baby Boomers Supporting Parents and Kids

Baby Boomers Supporting ParentsMany baby boomers are nearing retirement. They should be looking forward to enjoying a time of life that will allow them to enjoy their retirement years free of work and responsibilities. Yet many are finding that their decision to have kids late in life and parents living longer are putting them in a squeeze. They have to spend time supporting both their parents and their teenage children. Referred to as the sand which generation in many areas. Boomer parents on one side, the grand kids on the other and the kids in the middle. This can be a very stressful time for all concerned.

Retired and Supporting the Kids

We know of some parents who have in fact retired. They would like to travel and do all of the things that retired people are supposed to do. But cannot because they have children living with them at home and attending university. They need support both financial as well as emotionally as they make their way into adult hood. These parents made the decision many years ago that they would have their children later in life. So they could enjoy their younger years child free. There is nothing wrong with this decision. However like all decisions there are always consequences. One of the consequences of having children late in life. You need to support them will into your late 50’s and in some cases well into your 60’s.

Parents are also living longer as well. Many people can look forward to a life that takes them into their late 70’s or 80’s. There even seems to be more and more people living into their 90’s and over 100 years of age. Although many of us are living longer, for some of us, it means that we need support from our children and community agencies. This puts a lot of emotional and in some cases physical stress on our children who may still be managing their own families and their careers.

Monitoring Your Parents

Here are a few tips to help you keep tabs on your parents without being too intrusive, but allow you to know when help is needed.

  • Phone often, listen carefully for any issues that might be indicators of problems that your parents might be having.
  • Visit often as well and be observant. Are the dishes done, is their food in the fridge and the cupboards, is the house clean and the laundry completed. How is your parents hygiene?
  • Inquire about utility bills. Are they overdue?
  • Yard maintenance is a great indicator. Has the lawn been cut, weeds pulled etc
  • Listen carefully to your parents speech and watch for any indicators of confusion or forgetfulness.

These are a few areas that you can keep tabs on both remotely over the phone as well as during visits. If you are living far away and worry about your parents, set up a video connection using Skype or one of the various systems that are available. If your parents are unable to navigate this application, you may want to try other approaches to make sure you stay in touch.

Many parents will resist moving into an assisted living situation. They do not want to leave their homes and they are afraid of the unknown. If you are faced with this situation, you will want to tread very carefully. Many people find that their social life picks up when they move into an assisted living situation, however there are not so good places as well. Check them out carefully before you persuade your parents to move into an assisted living home. You do not want that kind of guilt on you to carry around knowing that your parents are unhappy.

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