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Best DUI Attorney

Best DUI AttorneyIf you have been charged with a DUI offense, most people will want to find the best DUI attorney they can. No one wants to be convicted for driving while under the influence of alcohol. They may lose points, they may lose their license, their car or even go to jail.

There are all kinds of issues that have to be dealt with and actually some are personal that we do not even think about until it is too late. The potential impacts of being stopped and charged with a DUI offense include the following:

  • Charged with DUI
  • Spending the night in jail
  • Having your car towed
  • Paying the towing fee and the storage fee
  • Costs to get your license back
  • Legal fees for the court case which can run into the thousands
  • Penalty fees for the conviction
  • Being forced to use a breathalyzer in your car every time you want to drive
  • Losing your driver’s license for a year or more
  • Embarrassment at the office, your friends, your family etc
  • Impact on your job if you need the car to work

Best DUI Attorney

It never seems to end with so many things that can impact your life just because you had a few drinks too many. It really is not worth it to drink and drive and this is if you get stopped by the police. If it does, you need the best DUI attorney you can find.

It Can Happen to You

Imagine what happens if you are in an accident and have been drinking. All the above and you lost your car, damaged someone else’s car and hopefully no one got hurt. Why take the chance at all. Stick to one drink at the most or do not drink at all.

We were at a party not too long ago and we were discussing the issues around drinking and driving. Several stories were told but one really got my attention. This guy needed a divorce lawyer after this one in addition to the best DUI attorney he could find.

This fellow was on business in another city and went to the bar to have a few drinks. He met a lady who worked for the same company and they hit it off and after a few more drinks they decided to go back to her place. On the way they hit a police cruiser that was parked along one of the streets. He was ok, some bruises, the lady that was in the car was pinned under the dash and had to be cut out using the jaws of life.

Other Impacts of Drinking

The next morning he went into the office and was upfront with everyone that he had been drinking and had an accident, totaled the car and was charged with a DUI. Everyone felt badly for him until one of the managers spoke up and asked about the lady he was with. There was total silence in the office and no one felt sorry for this guy since he was married and his wife was expecting.

Turns out that the lady he picked up was friends with some of the people in the office and they heard about the accident from her along with the full story. She did not know he was married and did not know that his wife was expecting. After that the entire office found out and someone told his wife.

Now he had all of the issues we discussed above to deal with in addition to handling his divorce and all that goes along with a messy divorce. Did the drinking make him do it, probably not. But it sure helped him along the way.

Consider the consequences of drinking too much and make the smart decision so that you do not need to hire the best DUI attorney available.

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