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Can you count on a pension to stay afloat in retirement

Can you count on a pension to stay afloat in retirementCan you count on a pension to stay afloat in retirement from the government or from your employer? The lucky ones will be able to say yes as long as the company they work for does not go bankrupt, rob funds from the pension fund etc. Even city and state governments are not immune to playing with pension money to deal with current fiscal issues. The question is can you depend on the money they promised you to be there when you retire and if it is will it be enough to allow you to live the life that you imagined while you are healthy and retired.

Can you count on a pension to stay afloat in retirement – Diversity

One of the fundamental rules in investing is not to place all of your eggs in one basket. There is just too much risk and too many unknowns that may come along and wipe out the investment. Retirement planning should follow the same rules. If you have a pension and feel that there is a pretty good chance that it will be there when you retire, you are one of the lucky ones and we are very happy for those of you in this position.

Bonus & Insurance

But would it not be to your advantage to also save something in addition to your retirement pension for emergencies and if your pension is not enough. Imagine how relived you will be if your pension comes through and you have your savings as well! This would actually be considered a really nice bonus to have both. If by chance you do not get your pension or receive less than expected, at least you also have your savings to fall back on. This is one of the best solutions and outcomes compared to not having any savings at all and losing your pension, which unfortunately many people are finding. You may need your savings in addition to your pension to stay afloat in retirement.

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