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Don’t Take a Vacation from Investing

Don't Take a Vacation from InvestingThe following narrative came in a flyer from my investment adviser at Edward Jones. I decided to add it to this post since it is actually very good advice, although they try to add caveats to protect themselves based on the advice they are providing. Although this advice is pretty general it is good advice and it actually does work if you stick to their tried and true methods. The message – Don’t Take a Vacation from Investing. Take this information as additional data to assist with help to your investing strategies and planning.

Don’t Take a Vacation from Investing

Most people either never look at their investments or they spend too much time watching them and adjusting them If you are the average consumer with average investments that well investment in good quality relatively low-risk investments, then once a week is fine. High-risk investments are going to take more time and effort. If you lie awake at night thinking about your investments, then you are probably in investments that are considered too high risk. Talk to your financial advisor at least once per month after you have first reviewed your accounts. Get his or her opinion on current and near term market conditions and review any decisions that may need to be made.

Be Patient and Invest for the Long Term

Sometimes you need to be patient, but so far the markets have responded over the long term and that is what is important when you are thinking about retirement. For our part we buy into this overall strategy, however, we are now also focusing on dividend stocks who have a long history of paying their dividends on a regular basis as well as increasing their dividends every year. For many retired people this is a raise every year for them with the dividends increasing. There is no guarantee, but dividend-paying stocks with a great record are not a bad way to go.

Read on and we hope that is helpful to some of our readers.

From Edward Jones – Don’t Take a Vacation from Investing

Summer is here, which means a vacation most likely isn’t far away. Whether you are hitting the road, jumping on a plane, or even enjoying a stat at home vacation at home, you are probably looking forward to some downtime with your family. But not every aspect of your life should be relaxed. Specifically, you do not want to take a vacation from investing, which means you need to become a diligent year-round investor!

Here are a few suggestions to help:

Keep on investing

Don’t head to the investment sidelines when the financial markets experience volatility. Historically the early stage of any market rally is generally when the biggest gains occur. Keep in mind that the past performance of the market is not a guarantee of future results.

Keep Learning

The more you know about the forces that affect the performance of your investments will help. Understand why you own the investments you do. You will make the right moves and the less likely you will be to make hasty and unwise decisions.

Keep your focus on the long term

Think about what you want your financial picture to look like in 10 or 20 years or even 30 years and take the appropriate steps to help make that picture materialize.

Keep looking for growth opportunities

To achieve your long term goals, such as a comfortable retirement, you will want a portfolio that is designed to help you meet your investment goals.

Enjoy your vacation this summer or any other time of the year you go on vacation. No matter what time of the year, no matter what season, don’t take a break from investing. Your efforts may pay off nicely in the future.

Edward Jones has a long term investment strategy. It is almost a buy and holds unless you need to rebalance your investments to maintain your investment goals and risks. Too much investment in one sector may not be appropriate. Don’t Take a Vacation from Investing. You may need to be rebalanced for your long term investment strategy.


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2 Responses to “Don’t Take a Vacation from Investing”

  1. I am just realizing that this takes a lot of work to stay on top of your investments. You cannot depend on the fund managers, and you cannot always get it right yourself so what to do you do. I lay awake at night thinking about this stuff, so I guess I am not cut our for investing at all.

  2. you can go over board as well with watching your investments to. I monitor them every day, but really I am in it for the long term and focused on generating income and growth. Get rich quick schemes only work once and a while. You don’t hear about the people that lost a lot of money.

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