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Drunk Driving Attorneys

The job of a drunk driving attorneys is to somehow get the charges reduced to the absolute minimum. This may even include having it reduced and eliminated altogether. But most people are happy to get their license back, pay a fine and a second chance. This works well for people with first offenses since the judge is probably going to give most people a chance as long as there is no major accident and you are apologetic.

The lawyer’s fees will be expensive, but then not having a criminal conviction is worth a lot when you are facing possible jail time, loss of license and significant fines. Finding the right drunk driving attorney is vitally important in situations like this. Making a bad decision to drink and then drive will only get much worse if you make another bad decision and hire a drunk driving attorney who does not have the experience and drive to help his or her clients.

Drunk Driving Attorneys

A friend of ours is looking at $5000 to $8000 to pay a drunk driving attorney to get his charges reduced so that he can avoid a criminal charge and keep his license. He needs his car to get back and forth to work so this is really extremely important that he not be convicted.

In addition to the legal fees, there may be a fine that he will have to pay in addition to the towing fees when he was initially stopped by the police. He had to also pay for three days of storage for his car in the impound lot. By the time he is done, he will have paid close to $10,000 all because he made a really bad decision to drink and drive.


Another friend of ours was able to retain his license and not receive a criminal conviction, however he had to agree to install a breathalyzer in his car instead. At first you might think that this is a good thing and not a really big issue. Better than being placed in jail or losing your license for a year.

This is all true, however these things are not cheap to  install. In addition you must blow into them each time before you start your car. Apparently also after driving for something like 30 minutes he also has to stop and blow again just to be able to keep going. Long driving trips can be a problem and he is always looking for someone else to drive. Can’t say I blame him, but who wants to deal with this sort of issue?

He also has a criminal conviction which prevents him from going to some countries. They have restrictions about letting you in if you are a criminal even if it is for DUI. Always have a designated driver and do not drive if you have more than one drink. A taxi is far cheaper than a DUI conviction.

Interview Drunk Driving Attorneys

Interview drunk driving attorneys, ask for references and make the best decision you can. This is one decision that will impact the rest of your life in addition to the immediate situation. If you end up with a criminal conviction, your insurance is going up. You may not be able to leave the country. You may not be able to find a job as easily. Many companies will not consider hiring anyone who has a criminal conviction regardless of the type. If you are drinking and driving, get your act together. Avoid a DUI and the need for a drunk driving attorney to have your sentence reduced or eliminated. Take a taxi, have someone else drive if you must drink. That extra drink is just nor worth it.

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