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Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

Being charged with a DUI offense can be a lot more expensive that many people realize. Just paying to hire a drunk driving defense lawyer is expensive enough. How many times have you been out with friends or family and had one or two drinks? Then get in the car to drive home? It used to be that we were worried about someone driving when they had been drinking all night long. They had many drinks and were obviously over the limit and should not be behind the wheel. They were over the limit and yet we let them drive anyway. This was clearly the wrong thing to do and many people had accidents because of it.

We all Know Someone Who Has Been Stopped for a DUI

One of our neighbors kids was supposed to be the designated driver. Which usually means that you do not drink and the DD drives everyone else around. Everyone is supposed to take turns. It is a much safer way for you and your friends to have a night out drinking if you can count on one person being responsible and not drinking.

Apparently they felt that they could have a couple of drinks, four to be exact, over a period of five hours. They felt they would still be ok to drive and would be under the limit. They were stopped on the way home. Unfortunately when she gave a breathalyzer test, she failed.  The car was impounded and towed to a storage yard and she was charged. Now she has to pay to get her car back and deal with a lawyer which is going to be expensive.

Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer – DUI Laws are Much Tougher Today

DUI laws are getting much stiffer in many places. It used to be that if you were under .08, the police would give you a warning and let you go on your way. Not so any longer. If you do blow over .08, you are charged with a criminal offense on the spot. You could spend time in jail, have your car towed and the cost to get it back is around $500 for the towing and storage. You also lose your license immediately.

With the tougher laws, there is a new warning level that still can cost you a lot of money as well as embarrassment. If you blow from .05 to .08, you lose your car for 3 days. You also lose your license for 3 days and you receive a fine that can cost up to $150. Total cost will be around $500 for the fine, for towing and for storage of your car. Multiple offenses at this level will see tougher sanctions including an in car breathalyzer machine. Which will not let the car even start unless you are not drinking at all.

They Should Not Have Been Drinking

Our neighbor’s kid blew .1, well over the limit and has been charged with a criminal offense. They have no choice but to hire a lawyer to defend the child. They will try to have the charge decreased so there is not a criminal conviction. The cost for the lawyer will be at least $5000 and could be as high as $8000 in addition to any fine, towing and car storage. If they are convicted they will not be able to travel to other countries as well since most countries restrict criminals from entering their country.

One might ask if this kid was the DD, why did they drink at all? Perhaps they thought they could follow the one drink per hour rule which is really risky as it turns out. If you are the DD, better not to drink at all vs. risking being stopped and charged with drinking.

Bottom line if you value your ability to drive, value your ability to travel to other countries, value not being embarrassed in front of your friends and neighbors and value your money don’t take the chance. Stay away from the driver’s seat of the car if you have been drinking. It is just that simple.

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  1. There is no excuse for drinking and driving, we all have done it. But if you get caught it is an expensive price to pay for a DUI offense

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