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Best DUI AttorneyA DUI attorney can make the difference between a hefty fine with a loss of your driver’s license and a criminal conviction that stays with you for life. A criminal conviction can mean that you are refused entry to other countries. It can mean that you are refused employment for certain jobs. The impacts go on and on. Hire a good DUI attorney to make sure you avoid a criminal conviction.

You may pay a large legal fee to avoid a DUI conviction, you pay a large fine and you may pay for having your car equipped with a breathalyzer but this is infinitely better than a DUI conviction. Make sure you discuss all of the options and alternatives with your DUI attorney.

DUI Attorney – Too Many Drinks

We have all done it from time to time. We have had one too many drinks at a party or at the bar and then jump in our cars and head home. In most situations, we are lucky enough to avoid having a serious accident and we do not get stopped by the police. But is it really worth taking such a chance? Most jurisdictions are increasing the fines and penalties associated with a DUI offense, so much so that many people are shocked and very concerned when it happens to them. Avoid drinking and driving if at all possible. In our minds, it is just not worth it. Taking a cab, sleeping over, or just not drinking is by far the better approach.

It used to be not too many years ago that you needed to blow over .08 to be fined for drinking, have your car towed, and perhaps spend a night in jail. Now laws have changed and it is now down to .05 % alcohol in your blood. For most people this can be just one drink depending on your metabolism, your body size, how much food you ate, etc. if you have one glass of wine, with a meal and then wait a few hours, most people will be ok for example.

Why Does a DUI Conviction Prevent Visits to Other Countries?

Whenever you are entering another country, you will be going through customs. You will be subject to questions about where you live, and how much money you are carrying. Also what your plans are and how long you will be staying in the country you are visiting? There is an entire litany of standard questions that they can ask. It really depends on your answers, body language, and a host of other factors that are too numerous to mention.

Occasionally, they will ask if you have a criminal conviction. A conviction of DUI charge is a criminal conviction in many countries. Consumers need to be aware of this. No country wants to allow criminals into their country regardless of the conviction. If you are convicted of a DUI offense, you definitely do not want to be crossing the border. If they ask about criminal convictions and you do not say anything, they can place you in jail. They can confiscate your belongings including your car if you are driving. At the very least they are going to send you back to your country and deny you entry, which is also very alarming and embarrassing if you are with other people.

The writer feels that it is just a lot easier to avoid drinking and driving. As we said earlier take a cab, sleep over or just don’t drink. You can still have a great time at a party and in fact, you may have even more fun at a party while you watch your friends make fun of each other as they lose their inhibitions.

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