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DUI Defense Attorney

DUI defense attorneyIf you need a DUI defense attorney, it probably means you were stopped by the police and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or both! This can be a scary time for many people. They are worried about embarrassment, fines, losing their driver’s license, or worse going to jail. Jail is a very real possibility if you are well over the limit. If you do not have enough money to post bond, chances are you are going to stay in jail for some time. Which makes everything else even worse than it was. At the very least you may spend the night in jail while you sober up. Which is another really unpleasant experience. It is difficult enough to sober up without being in a jail cell with a bunch of other drunks.

Although hiring a DUI defense attorney can be expensive, going to jail can be a lot worse. Hire a DUI defense attorney that has an excellent record representing DUI defense charges. It is your life and going to jail or losing your license can be catastrophic for many people. Hire the best DUI defense attorney you can afford! He may cost a lot, but you really cannot afford to not hire the best. Because you will lose your job and be in jail otherwise. Jobs are difficult to come by these days. You certainly do not want to lose your job because of being in jail for a DUI offense.

DUI Defense Attorney – Road Stops

There are DUI road stops all over the place. Sometimes the police will even advertise that they are setting up a roadblock to check for people drinking too much and getting behind the wheel. Contrary to popular belief they really do not want to stop you and charge you. They would rather you drove responsibly and avoided DUI charges, accidents, and even death as a result of drinking too much. Always go with a designated driver and avoid being stopped after drinking too much.

This is the main reason that they will advertise in most cities that they are setting up a DUI checkpoint. They might even indicate where the checkpoint will be just to get drivers to be more careful and not drink while driving. This is their main objective. They are trying to influence the general population to drink less and be more responsible when drinking. Many people feel that they set up these checkpoints to make more money for the town, city, or state. If that were true all they need to do is set up more speed traps and fine people for speeding. This would be much more lucrative and make them much more money.

Setting Up DUI Checkpoints

The reason that police departments all over the country are setting up DUI checkpoints is to try to make people more aware of what the impact of drinking and driving can be. The majority of people will either avoid the area or make sure they are not drinking that night or have a designated driver. There are a few that will risk everything and be defiant. They are the ones that the police really want to send a message to. If you are going to drink and drive, we want to stop you, and if over the limits established by the politicians, then they want to take your car away, throw you in jail and charge you with a traffic violation. They want you to get the message that there are serious consequences to drinking and driving.

If you drink and drive there is a far higher chance that you will also have an accident as well. Not only will you wreck your car, but you could also possibly kill yourself or someone else and you may be facing really serious charges as a result. Don’t drink and drive, have a designated driver who is not drinking, or just stay home. It is just not worth it.

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