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Fix your spending in 7 days?

Fix your spending in 7 daysAnyone who has spending problems and is frustrated with never having enough money to meet all of their expenses can really fix their problems in a very short time frame. As a matter of fact, they can fix their spending 7 days if they apply a little discipline and follow the steps listed below. It is true, fix your spending in 7 days. These ideas are not difficult. What is difficult is actually putting them into action. Most people Fix their spending in 7 days, if they have the willpower can do this in as little as 7 days. Get started now. Fix your spending in 7 days.

Fix your spending in 7 days

Track it

Tracking your expenses, every last cent will help you understand where your money is going. Most people have no idea how easily their money can be frittered away on a lot of small things which over a week at up to large numbers.

Get an app

There are lots of free apps for both the iPhone and the android phones that can be downloaded and used for tracking and recording expenses. Get one to make it easier to track expenses when you are on the go.

Set up a budget

Set a budget to follow and then track or compare your expenses against the budget. You may need to adjust your budget over time as you learn about where your money is going.

Find out where your problems are

By tracking and comparing your expenses to your budget you will quickly find out where the money is going and what you need to do to fix the problems

Attack one area at a time

Focus on one problem area at a time. You may feel a little overwhelmed at first and this is why we suggest that you focus on one area, fix that problem, and then move on to the next.

Don’t try to be perfect

You will make major strides in the first 7 days. But to attain perfection in managing your expenses will take a little more time. As your life changes, as your expenses and income change so will your budget and plans change. Live with it and don’t worry about being perfect all of the time.

Focus on the big items

There are lots of little expenses which add up to a lot, but if there are some large expenses that you can deal with, reduce or eliminate, then perhaps you can make some great strides towards balancing your budget. Focus on these first.

Focus on the quick wins

Go for the quick wins, these are the expenses you can reduce or eliminate with little pain and adjustment. You will feel better about your budget and your spending if you can get control of some areas quickly. Success breeds more success so focus on the quick wins.

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