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Habits to become Financially Stable and Successful

habits to become financially stable and successfulIt takes effort and discipline to become financially stable and to stay that way. Even a temporary relaxation of your financial judgement can jeopardize your stability. Spending too much on a credit card, going on a trip you cannot afford, taking on more debt than you should are examples of what not to do. Becoming financially stable and successful also has benefits as well. For example your stress level will be much less. You can relax more when you are not worried about money. Take the time to review where you are when it comes to the following suggestions to become financially stable and successful. What changes do you need to make in your life?

Become Financially stable and Successful

The following are ways that will gradually take you in the direction you need to be financially stable and successful. There will be setbacks from time to time. Emergency payments will be needed which will deplete your savings. This unfortunately is part of life. But if you stick to your plan, you can quickly recapture your savings and reach stability again.

  • Make savings automatic and save all raises or overtime payments you receive
  • Control your impulse spending. Avoid expensive lunches and dinners, clothes etc
  • Evaluate your expenses, and live frugally.  In fact live well below your income.
  • Invest in your future. Save for emergencies and for retirement.
  • Keep your family secure. Save for emergencies so that you can deal with them when they occur.
  • Eliminate and avoid debt. Debt costs money, credit cards have high interest rates. Avoid them like the plague
  • Use the envelope system or the account system. One for savings, one for emergencies and one for every day bills and expenses
  • Pay bills immediately. Set up an automatic payment so that you never miss any payments and negatively impact your credit rating. Late payments also incur penalties and extra fees.


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