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Missing DUI & DWI Court Dates

DWI Court DatesThe first thing we want to say is “Don’t Miss Your Court Date!!” The second thing we want to say is that this blog is based on research that we have done and we believe it represents real legal issues and guidance, however before you make any decisions or take any action, “Talk to Your Lawyer and if you do not have one, get a lawyer right away!”

We would really like to emphasize this point about talking to and communicating with your lawyer at all times. He or she can provide you with appropriate guidance. That is specific to your situation and your case. He or she can also help you avoid getting into even more difficulty with the judge and the legal system.  The legal system sometimes is very unforgiving. You definitely want to avoid doing things that can make your situation worse.

DWI Court Dates & DUI fines

If you have already been charged with a DWI or DUI offense, chances are you have already appeared once before the judge. Perhaps been given a court date and released with or without bail.  Your lawyer will have represented you in court. He or she will request that the court allow you to walk out on bail. With the huge assumption that you will arrive back in court for your hearing on the assigned court date.

DWI and DUI are separate issues. However this is what has occurred and now you have to deal with appearing in court. You will find out what your fine will be and whether you will pay a fine or do some time in jail.

Why would you miss a court date?

From the courts perspective, short of being dead or incapacitated, there is no legitimate reason that you can come  up with for not appearing in court at the prescribed time.

Many people do however miss their court dates for a variety of reasons. Some people are just too lazy to get there on time. While others have a variety of mishaps that prevent them from arriving for their court date. Some have accidents, some are too sick, some cannot get off work. Some are just too afraid to go to court.

If you cannot make it to court, the minimum you should do is call your lawyer and explain. There may be a solution that he or she can provide, or at the very least they can explain it to the judge why you are not in court and request leniency from the court and request a new court date which you had better make.

Will the Judge issue a warrant?

In some cases the judge based on the information that your lawyer provides will schedule a new date for you to appear. In many cases your bail will be revoked and a warrant issued for your arrest.

Now comes the really tough part. If there is a warrant issued, you may not be arrested immediately,. However if should happened to be stopped by the police for any other reason, or come in contact with the police. They will arrest you on the spot based on the warrant and take you straight to jail!

Now it really depends on your past relationship with the courts if you have one. The reason that you missed the first court date, how good your lawyer is. In addition how you appear in court, your attitude in court towards the judge and the  attitude of the judge that day. You could have your bail rescinded permanently. You could go straight to jail. Perhaps even stay there until your next court date to hear the original DWI or DUI charge! Make an effort to be respectful to the court!

Follow Your Lawyers Advice

Not only have lawyers spent a long time in school to learn the laws of the nation. They have also gained a great deal of experience in dealing with the courts and how laws are applied. They have a pretty good idea what will fly. Also what will not when it comes to missing dates and appearing for DUI and DWI charges.

Your  lawyer may tell you that you really need to attend the next court date and you need to dress appropriately. He or she is telling you this based on the experience they have in dealing with cases such as yours. If you do not communicate with your lawyer, advise them that you cannot make it to court for some reason , there is not much they can do for you. Always call your lawyer and follow their advice. They will ensure that whatever charge you are faced with will be minimized to the extent the law allows given your circumstances.

Your comments are welcome on this and other issues.

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3 Responses to “Missing DUI & DWI Court Dates”

  1. Lindsay Logan might be able to get away with being late for a court date, but the rest of us cannot! We are likely to get an additional fine or end up in jailbor both! Be on time.

  2. This is a great site with a lot of commonn sense info about legal issues

  3. A friend of ours was convicted of a DUI offense and now he has a breath analyzer in his car. He has to blow to start the car and then every thirty minutes he is running the car.

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