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Negotiate Your Health Bills – When you Planning an elective procedure

Negotiate Your Health BillsIn previous posts we wrote about the times to  negotiate your health bills and we felt that some more detail behind each suggestion was warranted. The first one was Negotiate while you’re still healthy!  The others included – At the time you get a big bill; If you are suffering the results of a medical error; When you are caught between doctor and health plan; and Planning an elective procedure. We will discuss these in more detail in future posts as well. Remember – Negotiate Your Health Bills

Negotiate Your Health Bills – Planning an elective procedure

Are you planning an elective procedure of any kind? It usually means that you are going to pay for the full cost of the procedure. Most insurance companies will not cover cosmetic  surgeons or plastic surgeons charges. Unless it is due to an accident in which case the auto insurance for example may pay the fees.  It is also a very emotional time for most people. You are possibly planning to make some changes to your body. Hopefully this procedure will improve your looks and how you feel about yourself.

It is very difficult to negotiate anything when emotions are involved. It is just impossible to be objective about what you are discussing. Reviewing the changes a plastic surgeon is going to make or minor cosmetic surgery is about as emotional as you can get.  When is a good time to negotiate and when is it not a good time? Many people ask themselves that question every day. They also sometimes take advantage of what they think is a great deal, only to find out that the surgeon is not skilled in what they do and botches the job!

In our next post we will discuss the next area of when it is time to negotiate your health bills. At the time you get a big bill; If you are suffering the results of a medical error; When you are caught between doctor and health plan; and Planning an elective procedure.

Cosmetic Surgery

Approach the decision in a business like manner. You can sometimes make the transition from an emotional decision to one that is objective. Ask a friend or family member to go along with you to take notes and listen to what the surgeon is saying. You can review these notes afterwords to make sure that you really understand what is being proposed. Also what the risks are and what the detailed cost will be.

It is unlikely that you are going to negotiate a cheaper rate with a cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon, however you can make a decision about what procedure is done, how much is done and what if any areas that you may wan to defer or not do at all. Discussing these options with the surgeon will give you the input to make the decision as to what should be done and how much it is going to cost.

Whatever you do, if you feel uncomfortable about the situation, go somewhere else. Trust your instincts, there have been just too many bad jobs done, even on famous people who were just truing to save a buck. Getting a second opinion is not a bad thing either . If nothing else it will make you more comfortable about the work that the cosmetic or plastic surgeon is going to do and how much you will be paying for this work!

We would really like to hear from readers who have had cosmetic surgery completed or have been to a plastic surgeon. Your comments will be helpful to our readers. We will approve all constructive and helpful comments and even a link back to your site for quality comments.

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  1. This guy has it right, negotiate everything including health bills. I saved $3000 on a $9000 bill. They were willing to reduce the invoice just to get their money.

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