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Online Internet Content Types

Online Internet Content TypesThere is so much junk content available that it is tough sometimes to really know what is real and what is not real when you are looking at a page. We thought about this and decided to write a short blog about all of the different types of content just for fun. It is our opinion only and you may  not agree with it or you may feel that we missed some different types.

There is no order of importance or priority other than the supposed real stuff or non fiction is at the top and junk is at the bottom. Other than that there is no real order to this material. We have grouped a lot of stuff into major categories, so let us know if we have missed a few or have lumped some together that should not be. Comments that are constructive are always welcome.

Online Internet Content Types:

  • Private sites- Government, corporate, scientific
  • Public sites – Government, corporate etc for dealing with the public
  • Information sites with real information
  • News information sites
  • Entertainment sites
  • Social networking sites
  • Personal information sites
  • Propaganda sites runs by various organizations and government
  • Content farms with some real content
  • Content farms with no real content
  • Porn sites, sex sites,
  • Junk sites
  • Domain name reservation sites

While this list may not be complete, it represents the vast sphere of information that you can fine online. There is a dangerous trend among the content generation business. This is the generation of content for the sole reason of attracting readers to click on advertisements. Some of this content is good stuff, but most is not in that they provide no value to the reader other than perhaps taking them to an advertisement that would give you some value.

Our Blog

This site you are reading is an example of a site that attempts to provide real content that can be useful to the reader. However this site depends on ad revenue to survive. In this case it is much like the news magazines or the self help magazines of the older days. They sold their copies for a small price. But really depended on the advertising revenue to exist. Same situation here, except that this site is free to the user to read and browse, even leave comments.


The internet if nothing else is extremely competitive and an example of market forces at work. If you do not have good content over the long run, you will not do well and you must compete with a legion of people all over the world who are also generating great content as well as terrible content.

Leveling Factor

Google, Yahoo,Bing and other search engines are the levelers in the market. They are working hard to deliver real results when you do a search using their engines. No one wants to be delivered junk search results. The search engines are getting better a filtering the good stuff from the bad stuff and over time I think that real good content will win out over bad content that is not only poorly written, but does not contain any real value to the customer.

We also find that the search engines are updating their algorithm on a regular basis which will change the search results. Like all experiments, sometimes it is for the better and sometimes not. This is why our blog is hard to find right now. We hope the next search engine release will do a better job.

Lets hope this is true. If you have comments on these ideas or would like to see others discussed, please leave us a comment and well will be glad to add to them our blog.

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  1. this is really a great site. there really is a lot of junk on the internet. it is shame that all of the junk cannot be eliminated.

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