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Planning to Move Out

Planning to Move OutWe are continuing with our series of articles about situations where the adult children have moved back home with their parents. This particular post is about preparing for the children to move out. Planning to move out is just as big a job as moving in. Sometimes these situations cannot be avoided and the parents must arrange for their children to move back home until they find a job, find a new house, or get their financial affairs in order.

When the time comes for the adult children and perhaps grandchildren to move out is a good idea to be really well organized.

Planning to Move Out – be Organized

In most cases, your house has been used as a storage area while they have been looking for another home. In most cases they will take 90% of everything they brought with them to the new location. But there will be some things that they do not have room for, or do not want, or forget to take with them.

As a parent it is probably a good idea to have a conversation with your adult children. Discuss what will be left behind and what they will take. You may need to make sure you have Long term storage available for these items. If they are not being taken and are not wanted you may also want to sell them in a garage sale. Some things can just be thrown out in the garbage if they are not usable.

Before disposing of any items always make sure that you discuss this with your children to avoid any conflict. Would you consider as garbage may be something of value that they had a planed use for.

The last point  is that you may also want to have a conversation about who is going to help with the move. In some cases the kids expect the adults to help i.e. parents or grandparents. Where as others will make arrangements with all of their friends to help them move. If this is something you’re comfortable with then by all means give them a hand. But not every grandparent is physically capable of doing this hard work.

It is all about communication. Reach a common understanding about all of the issues associated with planning to move from your parents home.


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