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Protect your Credit Card

Protect your Credit CardMany people have had their credit card numbers stolen and know how it feels to have your privacy invaded. We all need to protect our credit cards to avoid this invasion of privacy. We can avoid expensive hits to our bank accounts as well. Most credit card companies will cover your losses if your card is stolen and charges mount up. However, you also suffer the loss of your card at the same time. Consumers are unable to use it until a new one is sent to you. There are at least seven different ways to protect your credit card. Follow these steps to avoid the invasion of privacy and the frustration of having to cancel your account.

Ways to Protect your Credit Card

Don’t Give Out Your Digits to Just Anyone

Never give out your credit card number over the phone. Unless you are 100% confident of who you are dealing with, especially where someone has called you. They could be scam artists looking for credit card numbers.

Make Friends With the Shredder

Shred everything that has your name and account number on it. Thieves have been known to go through peoples mail to find credit card account information

Say No to Password Storage

Keep all of your passwords in a safe place. Do not write them down, but there are just too many. Saving them in the cloud makes it easy for hackers to get at them. Save them locally.

Review Those Statements

Go over your statement in detail to review and avoid any charges that are not yours. Thieves love to charge small amounts on cards to test them and to go under the radar.

Check Your Address

Always confirm your address on your account statements.

Sign Up for Text Alerts

Both text alerts and email alerts can let you know when charges above a specified limit are charged to your card. Consequently, this is an excellent method of keeping tabs on your account automatically.

Don’t Delay in Reporting

Report your unknown charges immediately. If you wait too long, the credit card company may dispute some of the charges which you could then become liable for.

Protect your Credit Card by following these steps. Pay attention to the details about what is being charged to your account.


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