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Finance BloggerThe Finance Blogger РThis is our first post on the finance blogger web site and we thought we would spend this post talking about why we started this site. Basically we  just are retired and trying to figure out what we should do with the rest of our life. We are financially secure, however there are a lot of decisions to make over the next few years which will have a huge impact on the quality of life that we have during our retirement years. We felt that it would be helpful to people like us to discuss these issues in a blog like this one.

First of all let me tell you that we like to travel and spend our winters somewhere warm, we like to have a nice car and we really enjoy our backyard. Our needs are pretty basic, and we have enough money to do what we want, but there are some things we have to prioritize. Like most people, there are more expenses associated with our lives than what we think we can handle unless we are really careful.

There is always more that you want to do and never enough money for all of those activities that you want to try. We thought that blogging about it would help us get through the process of deciding what to do and would help other people at the same time.

Retirement Planning Issues

Here are some of the issues we are facing, which we will talk about in subsequent posts.

  • Replace our 2 year old car in 2 or 3 years
  • Home maintenance :
    • Windows
    • Roof
    • Driveway replacement
    • Fence replacement
    • Pool liner replacement
    • Furnace upgrade
    • Furniture upgrade
  • Still have a mortgage
  • Still have loans
  • Should we down size
  • Should we move to a condo
  • Or should we move to a bungalow
  • Should we make a life style decision i.e. move away
  • Should we purchase a vacation home
  • How should we invest our retirement money
    • Blue chip dividend stocks, what stocks
    • Blue chip mutual funds, what mutual funds
    • AAA rated bonds, what bonds
    • Aggressive growth stocks and funds
  • Should I continue working
    • Full time
    • Contract
    • Part time
  • What will I do with my time
  • What about the grand kids
  • How much time should we spend with them
  • Should I spend all my money or save for old age
  • When should we transfer the house to the kids

With all of these questions and others we probably have not even thought of, it is almost easier to just do nothing and I suspect that this is what a lot of people actually do. It is just too difficult to resolve all of these issues or make decisions, so why not just leave it the way it is. These are some of the things we will try to talk about over the next months and years as we continue with our blog.

Finance Blogger – Many Consumers Like Us

We know that there are millions of seniors out there that are in the same situation as us and trying to resolve what they want to do. One friend of ours who is well off and really does not have to worry about money at all, wonders if he has enough money for retirement and is bored silly. He made the comment that he gets up in the morning, has a coffee, reads the paper and then watches the grass grow! What a way to retire!

Although this is not really a financial issue, we will include these sorts of issues as well since they affect the quality of life during retirement and ultimately how much money we will need during retirement. If you are bored, you will probably need to have more money because you are going to spend it! It may be a golf membership or it may be travel.

Anyway this is the end of our first post and we are looking forward to writing several posts a month, so bookmark us or follow us on Google reader so you do not miss our posts.

Your comments are welcome both on what we are writing as well as on topics that we have not addressed.


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  1. we are looking at all of the same issues. keep writing about financial issues and how to manage your finances. we love this blog

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