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Working Families on a Schedule

Working Families on a ScheduleThis is another post in the series about adult children moving back home with their parents. This year our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter moved back with us for a period of two months. It was a huge opportunity for us and a great learning experience. We found it very enjoyable to have our family altogether in one house. There are some things we learned and this is why were blogging about this experience that we were so fortunate to have. Life is a lot different when you have working families on a schedule living in your home.

This particular post is about what we learned about working families on a schedule. We found that our family had to adopt a pretty strict schedule in the mornings. Evenings were a little less hectic however it’s very important to be organized and focused first thing in the morning if you’re going to keep a tight schedule to get to work.

Working Families on a Schedule

For example, our daughter got up at six to have a shower, our son-in-law got up at 6:15 to get our granddaughter up and dressed. Our daughter and granddaughter were downstairs by 630 to have breakfast and then the whole family was out the door by 7:05 to catch the bus downtown to get to daycare and to work.

It’s a pretty hectic schedule in the morning and everything must go like clockwork so the grandparents, that would be us, pretty much stay out-of-the-way and let them get things ready. We did enjoy having breakfast together with our granddaughter in the morning though.

In the evening there was a different schedule and somewhat less hectic. Our son-in-law would pick our granddaughter up and bring her home and then we as grandparents would look would look after our granddaughter while he made supper. When our daughter got home we would have supper together and then it was our turn to clean up the dishes and clean up after supper.

Our granddaughter was in bed by 7 o’clock after having a bath and spending some time with her parents.

Develop a Schedule

We found that the schedule worked really well for us and for them. Every family has a different set of requirements and may adopt a slightly different schedule and may do different things. The reason our son-in-law made supper is that he likes to cook and he knows what his wife and granddaughter likes for supper so we let him do that and then we would do all the cleanup.

The weekends of course were much different and much more relaxed. There are no schedules to keep and we can have our meals at various times usually always together, and do the weekly errands that needs doing during the weekend.

Maintaining a schedule like this really helps to make sure that everyone is not stressed out etc. We should mention that our family had to take the car to the bus station, and park the car. Then they took the bus downtown. It was about one hour trip in both directions. This is a lot of time out of their day. We found also that our granddaughter was getting pretty tired by the end the week.

Our next post will be talking about living in the suburbs versus finding a home closer to work. Living downtown to minimize the commute time and the cost of commuting is at the top of their priority list.


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