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2nd Thoughts about Buying a House

Buying a HouseThis post is about having second thoughts after making an offer on a home. The deal being accepted at a price that everybody was satisfied with brings a new round of anxiety. Buying a house is the single largest expense most people have in their lives. We’ve been talking about adult children moving back home with their parents along with grandchildren. We have discussed many of the issues that come up when an event like this. This particular post we will talk about some of the second thoughts that they had after closing the deal with the seller. You are ready for them to move into their own place. But at the same time you want them to get a good deal and not be disappointed.

Buying a House – Forget the Emotions

After all of the excitement of negotiating a deal on the home, reviewing the inspection report which is recommended for everyone, finalizing the mortgage on the home and the euphoria of all of this they had second thoughts about whether they made the right choice or not.

Suddenly there are concerns about whether they moved into the right neighborhood, whether there are hidden issues in the house that they will have to make large repairs for, and whether they will be able to afford the monthly payments for the mortgage principal and interest as well as property taxes?

This is pretty typical after everything has calmed down and you suddenly realize that you own a home! Homeowners particularly when it’s a first home routinely go through this second-guessing about whether they’ve made the right choice or not. The revisit all of the decisions, all of the analysis, and all of their emotions. In this case our daughter and son-in-law after discussing it many times felt that they had made the right selection and I can tell you that they are very happy with the choice they made after having lived in the home now for three or four months.

It is Natural

It is a totally natural human function to reevaluate a major decision after it has completed. This is one of the biggest decisions that most people make in their lifetime. However it does take energy and emotion when you do this. It is better if you can avoid the whole situation and just look forward rather than try to second-guess. Save all of your energy for moving, decorating and settling into your home. Even if your home is pristine, there’s going to be lots of work to get it ready and get it to the level that you’re satisfied with. That too is just human nature!


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