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Everyone Needs a Break

Everyone Needs a BreakThis is another post about adult children moving back to live with their parents. And this post is going to talk about how everyone needs a break at times from each other. Whenever you’re living with other people regardless of whether it is friends or family there are times when people just need a break from each other.

Families are no different when you’re living in close quarters with each other. You cannot be around each other all of the time. This is just part of being human and part of human nature. We tried to make sure that while our children lived with us, granddaughter daughter and son-in-law, that we made time for each of us to have our own space.

Everyone Needs a Break

As a grandparents, we made sure that at night if the kids wanted to be by themselves watching TV in another room that was comfortable. After a little while it became habit to watch some shows together because we don’t like them together and other shows we would break apart and watch them in different rooms. The same applied on the weekend. We always went for coffee on the weekends and this was our time to be by ourselves and give the kids their space to spend time together.

While they were living with us they had a built-in babysitter. So whenever we were at home during the weekend or the in the evenings we made sure that they knew our schedule so that they could go out and enjoy themselves while we babysit. This was a pleasure for us and we enjoyed it very much.

There does not need to be a schedule or a specific time when the whole family gets together or go their separate ways. You can sense when people need time to be alone versus time to spend together. One thing that we always did though was we had supper together during the week. On the weekends it would be a little different and much more flexible however Sunday night we would be together for Sunday night supper.

Hope this helps those people going through the same issues that we went through. If you have comments or suggestions please feel free to leave comments on our comment log.

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