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7 Ways to cut your Monthly Bills

7 Ways to cut your Monthly BillsWe all need ways to cut our monthly bills. The following are 7 ways to cut your monthly bills and have some money left over for some of the other priorities that you just have not been able to get too. While all of these ideas may not apply, hopefully one or two of them will and will save you money.  Consumers will also have ideas of their own which you can let us know by leaving comments on this post. We are happy to hear of ways to reduce costs and expenses and will pass them along. Finally, even the small stuff counts. Although you might not be worried about $5 a month, add several of these up and they together can make a difference. Obviously you should tackle the large savings opportunities first but do not forget the little stuff either.

7 Ways to cut your Monthly Bills

Reduce Mortgage payments – renegotiate your mortgage for a lower interest rate

Reduce loan payments – consolidate loans with one low interest loan, pay as much as you can as quickly as you can to repay the loan in full

Reduce utility costs – turn off lights, reduce water usage and adjust the thermostat to reduce your utility costs. Shift heating and cooling to low rate hours etc

Reduce car insurance payments – evaluate how much insurance you need for health, life, car and home. Negotiate a better deal for no claim situations.

Pay less for your smart phone – negotiate a better contract, shop around, get a smart phone free with a contract, use WiFi to reduce data portion of your bill, use text instead of calling.

Pare Down Food Bills – buy sales, buy in bulk, avoid specialty items and clip coupons.

Drive smarter – combine errands to reduce trips, avoid jack rabbit starts and stops,  drive at the speed limit and coast into stop signs and lights instead of breaking at the last minute.

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