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Advice from Warren Buffet

Advice from Warren BuffetAdvice from Warren Buffet is like gold falling from the sky! This is a man who has built an empire. He is near the top of those that are the richest in the world. We should listen to his advice, since in just about every case his tidbits make so much sense.  The quotes in the picture are bang on. If more of us followed these suggestions, we would all be better for it. But there are some suggestions that are even more basic which we like and want to talk about in more detail. We cannot take credit for these suggestions. We can add in our own two cents worth to the items listed in one of his latest advice discussions.

Advice from Warren Buffet

Never stop learning – this is probably the single most important piece of advice that anyone can impart to you. Just because you finished school regardless of the level achieved, you have actually just begun to learn. Adults must continue to learn throughout their lives and the more you learn and apply what you learn, the greater the chance of success will be.

Never lose patience – when you lose patience in an argument, in business or in life, you have lost the battle. Your emotion takes over and your thought process is less than perfect when you lose patience with whatever you are involved in. Warren Buffet knows that it is really the long term that counts, provided that you have invested in learning and staying on top of the issues.

Give credit where credit is due – we all rely on others for help and suggestions throughout our lives. People respond to recognition and will perform better in the future if they know they will be recognized for their contributions. We all are human and we all like to get a simple thank you for a job well done. It can pay dividends to you in the future.



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