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Drunk Driving Attorney

Drunk Driving AttorneyWe all have been out drinking at the bar or at a friends place and then have to think about driving home. After only two drinks there is a good chance that if tested, you would be over the legal limit. As far as driving under the influence of alcohol is concerned. It does not take much, to be over the limit. If you are stopped, you may need the services of a drunk driving attorney. There are many people on the road every day that are probably over the limit. They probably do not even realize it.

Your alcohol level depends a lot on your body type, your alcohol absorption rate, the food you have eaten, and how long it has been since your last drink. As a result, these factors are variable for every person. The net result is that most people should not take a chance. It really is not worth it when you consider an accident and the charges. As well as the legal/moral implications of that could be involved. Why take the risk.

Drunk Driving Attorney – Designated Driver

Many people now go out at night with the plan of having a designated driver. Or they will just leave the car and take a taxi home. They will pick up their car the next day. They will avoid any potential issue of being stopped, tested, and fined for driving while over the limit. Sure it costs more to take a cab. But compared to paying for an attorney, the fine, and even losing your license, the cost of a cab is really a minor expense. In addition, if you do have an accident, there is corresponding damage to vehicles. As well as possible to people in the car as well. Just take a cab if you have too much to drink. Or have a friend drive you, someone who has not been drinking.

One other thing. If you have an accident and it is judged that you are over the limit, some insurance companies will not pay for the damages. You’re on your own for both the damages to your car and also the damage you may have caused. It can get really expensive! The writer’s car insurance is written with this clause in it. This means that medical coverage is removed in this kind of situation. Better hope that your car insurance provides coverage for the other drivers!

Drunk Driving Attorneys

The services of an attorney who specializes in drunk driving cases are usually the best choice since they often have a lot of experience and can make recommendations regarding the best way to deal with your case. They also understand the system and which judges are the best ones to be heard by etc. that will increase your chances for a lenient sentence.

Other Services that You Night Need

Attorneys do not always specialize in only one area. They also provide will preparation services, estate planning in conjunction with financial accountants, estate management, other criminal and small claims cases. although you may be using a lawyer to help you with setting up a will for example for you and your spouse, they can usually help consumers with drunk driving charges and other situations that need an attorney’s assistance.

If for some reason they do not have expertise in the area that you need, and this is something that you should verify, ask for suggestions regarding attorneys in their firm that do have the experience and training to deal with your issue. Don’t go cheap, since it could cost you a great deal more if you lose the case and have to pay fines, lose your license, or worse spend time in jail.

After all, it is your life and no wants to end up with a large fine or worse such as spending time in jail because you had a little too much to drink one night.

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