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Married Children Moving Home

married children moving homeThe previous post talked about adult children living at home. This post is going to discuss married children moving home along with grandchildren. That is what happened to us when our married daughter and husband and granddaughter moved in with us after selling their home.

There was a good reason for them to move in with us. They had sold their house and we’re in the process of looking for another but did not find anything quickly enough before they had to move out of their existing home. Rather than grab something that they might not have been satisfied with, they decided to move in with us and take their time finding the perfect home in a perfect location for them. This was something that we were willing to do and supported and we had the opportunity of getting to know our daughter again after being away for 10 years, our son-in-law, and of course our granddaughter.

Married Children Moving Home – Grandkids

This was something that we thoroughly enjoyed particularly having our granddaughter live with us and have an opportunity to get to know her a lot better. She is only three years old and it is the perfect age for them to live with us. We establish some early ground rules which made it very easy for us and for them to enjoy our home while they lived with us.

The ground rules that we set up are pretty simple but worked for them and for us. These ground rules might vary by family and situation however it is definitely worth setting up ground rules and discussing them so that everybody is on the same page.

The ground rules are as follows:

We established space in the kitchen for them to store their foods and utensils that they wanted to use although we shared all meals together and groceries.

In the mornings we stayed out of their way so they could get ready for work and get our granddaughter ready to go to daycare.

In the evenings we would look after our granddaughter, while our son in law prepared supper. After supper, we did the dishes and cleaned up so that they could spend time together.

On the weekends if needed we would be happy to babysit anytime so that they can look for a home.

There was never any pressure for them to move out. Everything worked out really well. With the basic ground rules in place, we were confident that they would find a place to live within a reasonable time and at the same time enjoy their time living with us.

These basic ground rules worked very well for us and the only other thing that we both agreed to was that if there was a problem we would make sure that it was discussed and communicated clearly so that nothing got out of proportion in terms of a disagreement. Establishing mutual agreed to ground rules was the key to our success.


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