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DUI Offenses & Attorneys

DUI Offenses & Attorneys DUI Offenses can be one of the worst charges that you may receive in your lifetime due to the consequences. You might be involved in an accident, causing damages to other people, or their cars. There is also potential  loss of your job, jail time, fines and major embarrassment. Some are more serious than others. But why would you want to take the chance of any of these happening. An accident can occur in a split second and you have no control over the outcome. Being stopped by the police is one of the least problems you could have compared to an accident where someone dies.

DUI Offenses – One Drink?

Most people will have a drink or too at a party or after work and then get into a car to drive home. Depending on your metabolism and the rate that your body removes the alcohol from your blood you may be over the limit for your state. However even if you have one drink you are under the legal limit in most cases, but you are impaired.

It pays to be careful for a lot of reasons. No one wants to be stopped and charged with a DUI offense, but there are more serious consequences to drinking and driving. Even if you have just one drink, you are not as alert and attentive to driving as you would normally without a drink. Reaction times are slower and your attention to detail is much less even after one drink. In most situations, people all over the country drink and drive and make it home with no problem at all.

But what happens if you are on a busy highway , traveling at high-speed when someone ahead of you makes a sudden lane change  or does something else that is dangerous. Suddenly you need to make a split second decision and react to the situation ahead of you. Even a half second delay can impact your ability to avoid a crash and survive. Do you really want to take that chance with your life and that of your passengers? What about your family and who will look after them if you are in jail or worse, dead.

DUI Offenses – Why the Police Get Near the Window

If you are stopped and the officer is leaning into the window to talk to you, it is not so that he can hear you.  He is leaning into the window so that he can smell your breath. He will decide if further action is required. This is in addition to just listening to you talk as you answer his questions. He may ask you to get out of the car to further assess your condition and determine if you should be charged with DUI ( driving under the influence) .

Follow the directions exactly and do not try to argue or resist. The officer will be forced to take more extreme measures. Clearly do not want to experience that kind of situation. A person should be aware that these officers have stopped many people and dealt with many situations. They are rightly concerned if you do something that would arouse suspicion. Or make them think that you might be concealing a weapon.

If you are stopped, sit in the car, hands on the wheel so that the officer can see your hands and that there is nothing in your hands that he needs to be concerned about. If you do need to reach for your wallet or insurance, let him know where it is and that you are going to get it out of your pocket. The last thing you want is to cause the officer to think you are reaching for a weapon. They have seen it all and cannot be too careful.

Getting a Break – DUI Offenses

Most policemen will give you a break with a warning if you are not over the limit. Also cooperate with the officer while he is making his assessment. Arguing or giving the officer a hard time will just make him mad. After all he is the one in charge and can easily charge you with DUI. Even if you are innocent, fight the charge and get it dismissed, look at the hassle you have to go through. Also the money you would need to pay a lawyer. It is just not worth it to drink and drive. Or give the officer who has stopped you on suspicion of DUI a hard time. Deal with it in a mature manner and make a rule that you will never let this occur again.

It is so easy to have a few drinks at an office party or at the bar after work or at a party on the weekend. Planning ahead of time who will drive and take responsibility to get everyone home is the smart thing to do. You may have just saved a life including your own.

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  1. did you know that if you are convicted of a DUI offense, you may have to have a breath analyzer installed in your car. They are expensive and they are a pain. you have to blow into it each time you start the car and also every 30 minutes you drive it.

  2. Our neighbor has a DUI to fight. He figures the lawyer is going to cost him $8000, can you believe it and he may still have a criminal charge

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