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Las Vegas Dui attorney

Las Vegas Dui attorneyLas Vegas, the city of lights is known for gambling, fine food, superb entertainment and lots to drink. All while you enjoy the night life at some of the many casinos. Unfortunately many people who have a few drinks in one of the casinos also drive. They get pulled over by the police in a DUI stop. This is when they need the services of a Las Vegas Dui Attorney . Why ruin your vacation or business trip, take a taxi and leave your car were it is.

Las Vegas is all about gambling, enjoying yourself and indulging in some of the fine restaurants in the casino hotels and restaurants around the city. If you gamble in Las Vegas, then you probably already know that the drinks are on the house as long as you are gambling. Tip the waitress every time she brings you a drink . You will find that you can have as many as you want. Unless you become so inebriated that the security staff become aware of your condition and ask you to leave.  Most people will have no problem at all having enough to drink to put them well over the limit allowed by Nevada law.

Las Vegas Dui attorney

The casinos do this to loosen you up so that you make decisions with your money regarding gambling. You may not stop gambling and feel free to keep going even after winning a jackpot. Let’s face it they want you impaired so you will make poor or slow decisions.

If they know this they you should also be concerned about drinking and then getting behind the wheel to drive. I have driven many times in Las Vegas around the strip area and find it confusing and difficult to drive in when sober let alone drive while under the influence of alcohol. There are so many lanes, there are so many signs and so many exits and on ramps along with thousands of people who are walking and not paying attention.

They walk across streets when the walk sign is flashing. Taxis are routinely blowing their horns at these stupid pedestrians who literally take their lives in their hands crossing the street when they should not be. Many of them are probably walking while under the influence. I guess that is better than driving. With all of this confusion, why drive at all in Las Vegas when you can take a taxi and not worry about driving or being stopped by the police.

Las Vegas Dui attorney – Take a Taxi

If you do drive after having a few drinks at the casino and are on the strip, there are so many obstacles and places were you can have an accident, it is just not worth it. There are police in cars as well as on bicycles and on foot. We have seen many people stopped and being assessed for DUI along the strip. What a way to ruin your vacation, being stopped and charged with a DUI offense. You lose your license for at least 24 hours or more, the rental car is impounded or your own car is impounded and your friends will think it is a big joke and laugh at you for being so stupid to drink and drive. It could be a lot worse. You could have had an accident and someone could be seriously hurt, so what take the chance, take a taxi.

Hire an Attorney

However if you are charged you will want to hire a Las Vegas Dui Attorney to ensure that you get off with the lowest fine and charges possible. Also to avoid jail time, huge fines, losing your car or your license. The cost of a Las Vegas Dui Attorney will be much less than most charges. Not to mention losing your job if you are in jail. The lawyer you hire is going to cost something. You should try to get some kind of an estimate ahead of time. The cost of the lawyer may even be more than the potential fine that you will be asked to pay. However if the fine also includes a conviction offense, this will stay with you for life. It will impact your ability to get a job, to rent cars to get loans and to get reasonable car insurance.

Your life is definitely worth it to avoid drinking and driving in the first place. It is also definitely worth it to hire a lawyer to avoid a conviction. Which could affect you for the rest of your life.

Most legal firms have attorneys with a variety of skills so if you have been charged with a DUI offense, make sure you are being represented by a Las Vegas Dui Attorney with experience. It can make the difference between a successful defense and charges that stick. Hire a specialist Las Vegas Dui Attorney for your needs instead of a general defense lawyer.

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  1. i hope i never need a dui attorney or any other kind if attorney in las vegas. we go there every year

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