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Nevada DUI Attorney

Nevada DUI AttorneyNevada has a lot of liberal laws however driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not one of them. You do not want to be stopped by the Nevada State police for drinking offenses. Or in any other state for that matter to avoid convictions and hefty fines and penalties.

The majority of people in Nevada are in fact tourists that come to Las Vegas, Laughlin, Mesquite and Reno to gamble. They enjoy the entertainment and many great restaurants.  There are many smaller locations in Nevada. They have small casinos that offer gambling, entertainment and cheap meals for their patrons.

Nevada DUI Attorney – Free Drinks at Casinos

In fact most casinos offer free drinks as long as you are gambling at the tables or on the slot machines. Tip the waitress or bartender each time you receive a free drink. You will be sure to have all you ever want to drink. In fact I have seen a heavy tipper, receive a new drink even before he could set his empty glass down after finishing his drink. While this sounds great to be receiving all of these free drinks, the casinos do this for a reason.

They know that your judgment is impaired even after having one drink . The casino knows that patrons become less cautions about their gambling. Patrons will gamble more and likely will continue gambling after winning a jackpot. They take advantage of the situation and it is a relative safe environment as well. However if you then get into a vehicle to drive home or back to your hotel, then this could be a very unsafe situation.

The casinos in Nevada will continue to give you drinks as long as you are gambling and are not obviously drunk or causing a scene. They will not take any responsibility for the money you lose. Or if you get behind the wheel to drive. We have seen so many people having several drinks at one of the casino bars after work. We know they are getting into their cars and trucks to drive home.

Over the Limit?

There is no question that they are over the limit when it comes to DUI offenses. That they are impaired and cannot make quick decisions when it comes to driving. In the larger cities, there are lots of taxis. This is by far the best solution for getting around to avoid any accidents and charges for DUI.

Las Vegas is a large city and the strip has become so congested with traffic, people and complex driving situations. It is difficult enough to drive on the strip when you are sober let alone be impaired and trying to drive. Pedestrians, some of which are also impaired do not obey the walk signs. Many block routinely block traffic while they are crossing roads. Every year many people are killed in Las Vegas due to traffic accidents caused by errant pedestrians crossing roads when they should not or drivers being reckless with their cars. Many of these accidents could be avoided if drivers were paying more attention and not under the influence of alcohol.

Nevada DUI attorneys are available to help you if you should be stopped by the police and charged with a DUI offense. Don’t wait too long after being charged. Your attorney can intervene on your behalf. Especially if your car has been impounded and / or you are in jail. Note that if you do not have another sober driver with you, and you are over the limit, your car will be towed to an impound lot. You may be put in jail over night to sober up. Most people can reclaim their car 24 hours later,. However there will be a hefty towing fee to pay before they will give you your keys.

Consequences of a DUI

Having your car towed and spending a night in jail is not your worst problem. Being convicted of a DUI offense, perhaps spending more time in jail and paying a hefty fine can have a significant impact on you and your family’s life. You may lose your job. You may lose your house if you cannot pay the bills. In addition you may have significant legal fees to pay as well. In addition if you injured someone while driving, the cost will be significant.

Why not avoid the entire DUI possibility in the first place? Arrange for a taxi or a designated driver if you are going to drink.  If you must drink and cannot get a taxi, take some time to sober up before getting in the car and driving. It is just not worth it to drink and drive and suffer the consequences.

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  1. we all drink in Vegas, after all the drinks are free if you are gambling. but you really have to be carefull of two things. The first of course is driving , – take a taxi. secondly , watch your money, when you are drinking you are more open to spending money which is exactly what they want!

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