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Retirement Could be Bad for your Health

Retirement Could be Bad for your HealthThere are lots of situations where retirement could be bad for your health. As the picture on the left shows, this women is very unhappy with retirement and that could be bad for her health. It is hard to tell why she is so unhappy, however there are lots of reasons. Perhaps there is not enough money to do the things she always wanted to do. Perhaps she misses her friends at work. Perhaps she is so bored she is beside herself. There are lots of possible reasons, but the bottom line is that all of this negative environment will over the long term be bad for her health. She could become ill and not enjoy her health at all.

Retirement Could be Bad for your Health

She misses the social interaction with her colleagues and does not have anything to replace it. She is not willing to volunteer and meet new people. The list goes on. If she does not do something, depression could set in, she could gain weight and fall into a trap that only has a down hill path. This is definitely a situation where retirement could be bad for your health.

What are the solutions to this problem and how can you avoid the potential health problems. The easiest answer may be to go back to work especially if you miss the social aspect. You could go to another job, volunteer where there is a strong social component. If it is a money issue, then the work will bring in extra income that you need.

Take a look at what is making your unhappy. Identify the core things that are causing you distress. Look for solutions that could help you deal with these issues and improve your overall over situation. It is important that you discuss these concerns with a spouse or a close friend and ask them to encourage and support you in your struggles to improve your overall well being and health.

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