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Retirement Could be Good for your Health

Retirement Could be Good for your HealthMany people feel that retirement could be good for your health. After all you should get more sleep, you do not have the stress associated with work, you have less expenses and you now have the time to take care of your self. For example, eating 3 meals a day, time for exercise, more social time with friends and relaxation with all of your hobbies. Many people find the benefits in these areas actually improve their over all health. They take the time to look after themselves and this makes a huge difference.

Retirement Could be Good for your Health

By far the biggest advantage is the opportunity to do some of the things that you have always wanted to do, but never had the time to do them. Helping out the family, looking after the grand kids, volunteering, even taking another job in an area that you have always been interested in. One friend of ours who was a sales person for most of his life, wanted to drive big vehicles. Trucks, buses or even construction equipment. He never had the chance until he retired.

When he retired he took his bus drivers license exam and became a bus driver. He especially liked the articulating buses. It was his dream and he was happy to have his dream fulfilled.

Bus driving might not be for everyone. Others take up golf. All of the fresh air, the new friendships and most of all the exercise.  This is definitely a scenario where retirement could be good for your health. Figure out what works for you and do what makes you happy in retirement.

Our next post will discuss how Retirement Could be Bad for your Health. Stay tuned.

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